terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2016


ATENÇÂO : AS BUILDS TÊM PIN DE BLOQUEIO , PODES PEDIR UM PIN AQUI : http://www.tdbwizard.co.uk/forum/
Repo : http://www.tdbwizard.co.uk/repo

Ferramentas TDB Wizard :
  • Maintenance (clear device; clear cache; delete thumbnails; purge packages; convert paths to special)
  • Builds
  • Community Builds details for adding your own build below
  • Full reset for clean build installation
  • Advancedsettings tool
  • Speed test
  • Check for build updates
  • Check the days sports listings
The TDB builds  5 Builds Jarvis , 1 Build Krypton .
Builds :
  • Horus (J) - Designed for low end devices such as a Fire Stick or devices that only have 1GB RAM
  • Horus XXL (J) - Designed for higher end devices such as a Shield
  • Zeus (J) - Designed for mid level device such as MX8/T8
  • Stream & Chill (J) - Designed for mid to high end devices
  • ToonFlix (J) - Designed for Kids on low end device such as Fire Stick
  • Sonar-Beta (K) - Beta build for mid level devices
Community builds:
  • Kiddo Group
  • Tomb Raider Builds
  • Comic Book
  • Hex Builds
  • Kodi Nutz
  • Dirty Ticket
  • MingyMoo

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